...because Almost everything can be improved

Hey, you know what I really like professionally? Little things that make work easier and more fun! After spending over 15 years in the film industry, I’ve come up with some cool ideas for small improvements.

 Check them out below!


AboX Classic

Get the classic model of the revolutionized frontbox

AboX Mini

Get the new Mini. One step further with new features and a smaller footprint

Inertia Power Station

Simplify the use of your Nodo Inertia Wheels on set

Data Wrangling Station

Sick of all the cables and powercords?Check out my data wrangling stations

Custom Cables and 3d Prints

Looking for something special?Whatever it is… 

Other Stuff

All kind of handy gadgets around steadicam, gimbal, cameras, etc  

Why ME?

Personal service

Every client is different, so I'll always try to give you the most personal service

15 Years of Experience

I have been working in the industry myself for quite some time. So I understand exactly what you need and how to help you

Fair pricing

You pay what you get. Not more and not less 🙂